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Family photo.


Over 20 years ago Flower Garden Hawaii, a small family-run operation, started out in an old brick floor building that was full of character and was once the home of the Hilo Excelsior Soda Works. My 3 sons grew up there and eventually brought their friends over after school. Most of those friends would blend in, acquire business skills and even receive school credit. They would learn how to take orders, answer phones, make leis, pack flower boxes and deliver flowers.

Lots of great memories and friends were made in the shop. Then in 2006 the retail outlet was sold and we transitioned exclusively to our online store, offering only our most popular items. Our flowers are harvested daily and hand packed for each individual order. We take pride and care in each and every order.

Just imagine sending and receiving fresh Hawaiian flowers flown in directly from Hawaii. It's a very special gift! We treat our customers like our Ohana (family) and that's what we are about—family, friends and lots of Aloha!

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